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Aurora Quest K-8
17315 E. 2nd Ave.
Aurora, CO 80011 [map]
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Clinic: 303-326-1537

Dave Schoenhals, Principal
Jesus Germes, Assistant Principal
Casey Powell, Dean of Students / Athletics Director
Rob Lipson, Counselor
Judy Goos, Secretary
Cindy Stoeber, Registrar

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Gifted & Talented
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-Greeting: Welcome to all new and returning members!


-Meeting Norms: They were reviewed. These meeting guidelines were developed over the summer through a collaboration with PTA, Equity and Engagement, Quest administration and us to help groups have productive and positive experiences.


-Icebreaker: We had fun searching for members with specific cultural or linguistic talents/experiences while getting to know each other a little better.


-Informational Meetings & Social Gatherings: A decision was made to hold each meeting, once per month. Informationals will take place at Quest and Socials will take place during the weekends away from Quest.


A committee was formed to plan the next social gathering. Our next informational meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 17 from 2:45 to 3:45 in the PRoGraM room at Quest. Our next Social gathering will take place on Saturday, October 4 at Apache Park. The committee will share Social Gathering details during the September 17 Informational Meeting.


-Cultural Presentations: A decision was made to continue with these awesome presentations. September’s presentation will be by Leslie Slocum, and October’s presentation will be by Cynthia Joseph. Thank you each for volunteering!!!


-B&C’s Carnival Booth: We will request a booth to run during the upcoming September 19 school carnival. (Completed. See first and second items under Requests above.) -Meeting with Teachers Brainstorm: A decision was made to table this idea as a future effort.


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