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6th/7th Social Studies


Dear Parents and Students:


I am excited and looking forward to a great year of Social Studies at Aurora Quest K-8. 

I will be teaching one Ancient History class to 6th graders and three 7th grade sections of World History.  Each class will last 75 minutes, Monday-Friday.


The 6th grade units will consist of Early Humans, and the Civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and China.


The three 7th grade sections of World History will include units on the Legacy and Collapse of Rome, India, the Middle Ages, Africa, the Renaissance and the Geography of Islands.


Social Studies will involve discussion, group projects and activities.  Students will be expected to participate and work together in class.


The only materials required for Social Studies are a journal and pencil.  All other materials will be provided.


On any given day a student can expect to begin class with a “starter question” taken from  a variety of sources such as historical text, newspapers, diaries, maps, charts and graphs.  Students will write in a journal and then discuss their responses to the readings.  The emphasis will be on the students’ ideas and opinions, not their grammar and punctuation.


Students can expect to work in small groups to build, design and/or construct information to present to the whole class.


Most classes will conclude with a short wrap-up discussion to highlight the day’s learning or to preview the next day’s theme.


Students will be given time to complete assignments in class, but if time runs out, the assignment will be completed for homework.


Every Friday, a student will select and revise “starter question” responses to construct a well-written paragraph that summarizes the week’s learning.  In addition, Friday classes will usually be a whole-class activity that summarizes the week’s content information.


Each unit will combine the weekly summative paragraphs with a project to highlight the information taught throughout the unit.  Students will have an element of choice in selecting their projects.


Grading will be Aurora Public Schools standards-based.  All summative work will be completed at a proficient level; otherwise, it will need to be redone.

Lastly I want to stress the importance of positive expectations.  All students need to be respectful, responsible and thoughtful.  The students must also allow the teacher to teach and themselves and others to learn.


Parents and guardians may contact me with any questions pertaining to 6th/7th grade Social Studies. 


With anticipation and excitement, welcome back.





Donald Sargent



6th/7th Social Studies

Aurora Quest K-8


Page last updated on August 11, 2015

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