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Aurora Quest K-8
17315 E. 2nd Ave.
Aurora, CO 80011 [map]
Fax: 303-326-1237

Attendance Line:

Clinic: 303-326-1537

Kelsey Haddock, Principal
Jesus Germes, Assistant Principal
Casey Powell, Dean of Students / Athletics Director
Rob Lipson, Counselor
Judy Goos, Secretary
Cindy Stoeber, Registrar

Keep Your School Safe!
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Gifted & Talented
Aurora Public Schools offers a wide range of services for all identified gifted and talented and high potential students. For more information, visit the AGATE Website.


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year




Click here to view information that was presented at the information meetings for prospective parents.


Any students currently enrolled at APS Charter Schools should request testing at their school.

Any students currently NOT enrolled in an APS school (home school, private school, out-of-district) will require $100 testing fee as part of the application process. 


Questions about Testing Results for Kindergarten at Quest?

Please click here, and review the Cognitive Testing, Percentile Scores, and Application Process for Kindergarten.  

There is also a FAQ section that contains answers to our most frequently asked questions.  


Who should apply?

Current 5th-7th grade students who have been identified as Gifted or High Potential Learners. Your student must be identified as gifted or high potential  in order to apply. 

  • Parents of APS students interested in applying to Quest must notify their school’s AGATE Leader by October 27, 2017, so the testing and identification process can be completed before applications are due.
  • Parents of APS students attending non-traditional schools such as charter or private schools, students being home schooled, or out of district students will need to attend the parent information night to learn more about testing requirements 

Tips for filling out an Aurora Quest K-8 Application:

  • Download the grade level application for which your child is applying for the 2018-19 school year (Available 9/25/17)
  • Give the Teacher Recommendation and AGATE Teacher Leader form (for APS students applying for 1st through 8th grades) to your child's teacher by October 27, 2017.  **If your child does not currently attend an APS school you will not need the AGATE Teacher Leader form.
  • For children applying for Kindergarten, there is no Agate Teacher Leader Form.
  • For children applying for Kindergarten, the Teacher Recommendation can be given to your child’s pre-school teacher, Sunday school teacher, etc.
  • PLEASE KEEP the application and parent piece for you to turn into Quest. Do not give your part to your child’s teacher and only give the Teacher Recommendation and AGATE Teacher Leader form to your child’s school.
  • Do not ask your child’s teacher for the completed Teacher Recommendation or AGATE Teacher Leader Form of the application. They will send it to Quest separately.
  • Fill out your child’s application as thoroughly as possible.
  • Applications must include a self-addressed (2 for kindergarten applicants), stamped envelope in order to mail you your child’s acceptance status.  If you change addresses before the end of March, please notify our office.









Page last updated on May 24, 2018

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