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iReady Reading Assessments provide valuable information for students, parents and educators on whether students have mastered grade level and content standards and are on track to graduate prepared for the 21st century. These assessment results are intended to provide one measure in a body of evidence of your student’s academic progress.

The iReady Assessment

The iReady Reading assessment is a computer adaptive diagnostic test that provides a customized evaluation of students’ reading skills and tracks student growth and performance over time. By adapting based on student response patterns, iReady Reading derives large amounts of information from a limited number of test items allowing the test to accurately pinpoint students’ strengths and needs across key domains in reading.

The State Board has approved iReady Reading as an assessment to measure students’ reading achievement levels, screen students for reading deficits, identify areas of focus/opportunities for further challenge, and differentiate instruction. In accordance with the Colorado READ Act, iReady Reading’s diagnostic data can be used to create targeted reading intervention plans (READ Plans) for students reading significantly below grade level.

When are students tested?

In accordance with the READ Act, students are assessed 3 times each year: beginning of the year (August), mid-year (December) and at the end of the year (May).

BoY Diagnostic
1st-8th - August 8th-August 31st
Kindergarten - September 5th - September 29th

MoY Diagnostic
K-8th - November 20th - December 14th

EoY Diagnostic
K-8th - April 30th - May 17th