Quest Accountability Committee

Join the Quest Accountability Committee!
Posted on 03/26/2024
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We are excited to announce that we are seeking four new committee members to join the Quest Accountability Committee for a two year term. If you are passionate about learning more about Quest's internal operations, staying updated on our state testing and iReady performance, and being involved in decisions that directly impact our children's social and emotional well-being, then the Quest Accountability Committee (QAC) is the perfect opportunity for you!

If you want to join the committee, please send your statement of interest to Teri Dossey, Reema Duwaik
and Kelsey Haddock by March 31, 2024. Along with your statement, include a brief introduction of yourself, a photo, your child's grade level, and your tenure at Quest. If we receive more than four applications, we will conduct an election where the Quest community can vote via email.

We are happy to address any questions you may have about the position. Your participation is highly valued, and we are excited to welcome new members to our committee!

Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to our school community!

Important dates to remember:

  • Nominations are accepted through midnight on March 31
  • Voting April 1 - April 5
  • Results April 8
  • QAC meeting (welcome new members) April 9th
  • Summer retreat/meeting July
  • Official start August

Warm regards,

Teri Dossey, QAC Chair
Reema Duwaik, QAC Co-Chair
Kelsey Haddock, Principal