Summer Prep

Grades 6-8 Summer Prep Workbook now available!
Posted on 06/10/2024
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Complete your summer math review workbook over the summer and be ready for the next school year!

Please complete these practice problems to review your skills in math computation. You should not use a calculator for these problems. Each page contains an example problem that has been worked for you. Please show your work similar to the example problem. The completed workbook is due during the first week of school in August, and it will be your first work habits grade. They will be graded and used as one of the factors to determine support groups for the first quarter.

These skills are foundational and critical to your success in math class for the coming school year. All of the skills on the pages assigned to you should be review based on prior learning. Many online tutorials,such as Khan Academy, are available for you to reference if you have questions about how to complete any of the skills.

Thank you and we look forward to a successful start to the school year!