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Aurora Quest K-8
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Dave Schoenhals, Principal
Jesus Germes, Assistant Principal
Casey Powell, Dean of Students / Athletics Director
Rob Lipson, Counselor
Judy Goos, Secretary
Cindy Stoeber, Registrar

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IMPORTANT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: includes information about attendance/absences, visiting the school, early release and emergencies


It is crucial that parents provide the school with updated contact information (phone numbers, emails, home address).  In addition, the school must have the name of an adult to contact in the event of an emergency, should we be unable to reach the parent.  Only individuals on record with the school will be allowed to pick up a student. In all cases, a photo ID will be required.  

Phone numbers and email addresses can be changed or added at school; emergency contacts and changes of address must be filed with Centralized Admissions at 1085 Peoria St.  For more information, please visit Centralized Admissions website at


We ask that you make arrangements with the teacher in advance if you would like to visit the classroom.  Since small children and infants tend to distract students, we also ask that parents not bring younger children when visiting their child’s classroom.  Older children not enrolled at the school must be accompanied by an adult when visiting school.  We also ask that student aged friends or relatives not accompany our students to school.

*All parents and visitors are required to check in at the office upon entering the school and must wear their volunteer badge or visitor’s badge while in the building.


For security reasons, anyone coming to pick up a student during school hours must go to the office, not the classroom.  Office staff will only release students to a parent, guardian, or other specified person on the student’s emergency contact list.  A photo ID is required.

Please note the following procedure for releasing students during the school day:

  • Parents/guardians are required to check in with office staff, provide a picture ID and sign out the student.
  • Office staff will notify the teacher that the student is being picked up and should report to the office.
  • Students will not be allowed to meet or wait for parent/guardian outside the building. 
  • Only office staff can release students to parents during the day.


Students are dismissed when the bell rings at 2:30 and all children are expected to leave school grounds and proceed directly home unless they are involved in organized clubs, sports, tutoring or attending Kids’ Adventures.  The office cannot provide supervision for students after school.  Students may not wait for a friend or sibling who is participating in any after school activities. 

*Students who are not picked up by 2:45 OR within 10 minutes after a school activity ends will be checked into Kids’ Adventures after school program, where child care fees will be assessed. 



The Quest Attendance Policy can be viewed on the Attendance page.



The safety of students and staff is a top priority at Aurora Quest K-8.  Our school will focus on security measures that include lockdown, fire drills, tornado drills, and evacuation drills.  In the event that our school goes into lockdown, no visitors (including parents) will be allowed to leave the building.  In the event that the school is evacuated and students are outdoors on school grounds, children may not be released to parents/guardians until after have returned to the classroom.  Routine sign out procedures will then be followed.  In the event that students are transported to another site, parents or emergency contacts will be directed to pick up their children at the designated site. 

In the event of an emergency evacuation, our reunification site is Hinkley High School, 1250 Chambers Road Aurora CO 80011.  Information will also be disseminated through local television and radio stations, as well as the school district’s website:











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