Parent Resources

Aurora Quest K-8 is within Aurora Public Schools. As such, if Aurora Public Schools closes schools or delays start times, the news will be shared via the following:

  • Local television and radio stations

  • Automated phone calls to parents and staff

  • Facebook and Twitter

  • APS website

  • APS Emergency Line (303-326-1080)

District Closures

Closures due to inclement weather typically apply to ALL schools in Aurora Public Schools and also to any after school activities or events.

Delayed Start Times

Should APS staff make the decision to delay school, the school day at Aurora Quest K-8 would begin one hour later than normal.

For more information, please see the Aurora Public Schools District webpage regarding weather closures:

Emergency Plan Sign

Emergencies in APS and Aurora Quest K-8

Actions to take if there is a national or local emergency that does not directly affect your child’s school:

If the emergency does not directly involve your child’s school, you may go to the school and have your child released to you.

Please do not call the school. Doing this will hinder necessary communications between the schools district security officials and fire and/or police departments.

Actions parents should take if an emergency strikes at or near your child’s school:

Do not panic. School officials and public safety officials have planned for and prepared and trained together for emergencies.

Do not call the school. Doing so will hinder necessary communications between the school and public safety or district security officials.

Do not expect that the school district will call you immediately if an emergency strikes. Our first priority is the safety of our students, staff and visitors who may be in our buildings. However, please stay near your phone and television. Information will be sent to you over the phone via Connect Ed as well as through public television and radio as soon as we possibly can.

Do not go your child’s school. The school will most likely be in lockdown/ secure perimeter or staff and students may have been evacuated to a different location. If the building is in lockdown, you will not be allowed inside. Your responding to the school could also interfere with responding emergency authorities.

Do not call your child’s cell phone. The use of a cell phone could distract your child from listening to very important information, even life saving instructions. Students may of course use their cell phone if they are in need of immediate assistance for themselves or someone else from fire or police.

Reunification with your child. You will be notified via phone and television/radio of where you are to go to be reunified with your child. Please remember to take your photo ID with you and if you send someone else to pick up your child, they must be on file with the school as an authorized person. Your child will not be released to anyone not on file.

Assessment Calendar for large scale assessments at Aurora Quest K-8.

Teachers will provide more exact information as to when they will occur in their classrooms:

August 2021:

-iReady Diagnostic Beginning of Year (grades 1-8; testing window goes through September 3)

-READ Act evaluations (only as necessary)

-Kinder school readiness assessments (late August - mid-October)

September 2021:

-District interim/CFA #1 (September 13-17)

October 2021:

-Kinder iReady Diagnostic #1 (mid-October to mid-November)

-READ Act evaluations (Kinder-only as necessary)

-CogAT screener for 2nd & 7th graders that are not identified as Gifted (October 4 - November 19)

November 2021:

-District interim/CFA #2 (November 15-19)

-iReady Diagnostic Mid-Year (grades 1-8; November 29-January 14)

January 2022:

-ACCESS (K-8-only as necessary; January 10-February 11)

February 2022:

-District interim/CFA #3 (February 7-11)

-Kinder iReady Diagnostic #2 (February 1-25)

March 2022:

-CMAS Math & Literacy (grades 3-8; March 21-April 22)

-CMAS Social Studies & Science (April 11-29)

April 2022:

-iReady Diagnostic End of Year (grades K-8; April 26-May 13)

-READ Act evaluations (end of year, only as necessary; April 26-May13)

Report Cards at Aurora Quest K-8

Accountability Meetings

Meetings are held the Second Tuesday of every month 5-6 pm, media center, before the PTA meeting. At these meetings, we will discuss how to create a positive and supportive culture between school and home for gifted students. The Accountability Committee reviews the school improvement plan and gives suggestions to administration for improvements at Quest.


Meetings are held the Second Tuesday of every month, 6:00-7:00 pm, in the media center, after the Accountability Committee meeting.

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