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Gifted & Talented
Aurora Public Schools offers a wide range of services for all identified gifted and talented and high potential students. For more information, visit the AGATE Website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some characteristics of a gifted child?
A gifted child may show strengths in many of the following areas: communication, motivation, humor, inquiry, insight, interests, problem solving, memory, reasoning, imagination/creativity, leadership, and language acquisition.

2. Can a child be both learning-disabled and gifted?
Yes. A “twice-exceptional” child exhibits remarkable talents or strengths in some areas and disabling weaknesses in others. Special considerations are made for these students when designing appropriate services.

3. If one of my children is identified as gifted, does that mean that his/her brothers or sisters will be too?
When one child from a family has been identified as gifted, it is recommended that all children from that family be considered for AGATE nomination.

4. How will my child’s education be different if they are identified as advanced or gifted?
Instruction may be at a more advanced level, quicker pace, more in-depth and require students to think at higher levels. Students may participate in special projects, special classes, interest-based research, as well as, have opportunities to work with other high potential/gifted students.

When appropriate educational programming for gifted students is provided, you can expect the following:

  • Students will demonstrate measurable growth, sometimes more than a year of growth, in their strength area, for every year they are in school.
  • Students will be challenged. School work will not be easy for them.

5. What kind of training do teachers of gifted students receive?
Teachers have access to in-district training as well as outside district conferences and workshops. The AGATE department works directly with AGATE leaders in every school to provide classroom teachers with necessary training and support.

6. Are there schools for gifted students in Aurora Public Schools?
Yes, Aurora Quest K-8 is designed for gifted students in grades K through eight. For more information contact Aurora Quest K-8 at 303-343-3664.

7. What can I read that will help me learn more about gifted?
Reaching New Horizons: Gifted and Talented Education for Culturally Diverse Students - J. A. Castellano and E.I. Diaz

Growing Up Gifted - Barbara Clark

The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids

Page last updated on November 24, 2013

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