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Sarah Wheeler, 8th Grade Literacy Teacher, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher or




All assignments will be given and turned in via google classroom.  Students will have access to chromebooks in class and can use them after school as needed also.  I provide extra time for help on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 3:15.  I update grades weekly so you can check in via parent portal (the office can give you a login password).


8th grade literacy:

The American Dream through American literature, biographies and narratives of influential people, speeches and argument, ties to American history in Social Studies, optional participation in NaNoWriMo, fictional short stories, Utopian/Dystopian societies in literature (Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies), analytical essays, research, discussions, debates, and final documentary film project.


7th grade social studies:

History and culture of the Eastern Hemisphere: Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe from ancient civilizations until the Renaissance.  Aancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, India, China, Japan, the middle ages in Europe, trade in Africa and the Renaissance.  Government, religion, geography and economics. 



In my class, students can independently select books to read from my classroom library and the school library.  There is a wide range of books available.  Some books may have material that parents find inappropriate for their students.  If this is the case, I would urge parents to talk to their students about their choice of reading material.  Please note that none of the books on my shelf are required; students are given the privilege of deciding what to read during independent reading. 


Middle School Policies


  • Cell phones, tablets and other personal electronic devices should be turned OFF and put away unless otherwise stated by teacher.  Check with your teacher for specific permission before using it in certain circumstances.  
    • 1st offense:  Teacher will tell you to put it away (warning)
    • 2nd offense:  Put device on teacher’s desk and get at end of day
    • 3rd offense:  Parent contact and/or office contact


  • Chromebooks and other classroom computers are a tool to use for school assignments only.  You need to be logged into LANSchool to use the classroom computer if and when you are instructed by your teacher.
    • If you are playing games or using the computer for other unrelated school websites, your teacher will enter that into a discipline database for the office.
    • After 3 of these events are entered in the database, you will be referred to the main office and lose technology use (teacher will determine length of time).
    • Parent will be contacted.


  • No hats or hoods in class.  
  • Snacks IF teacher Ok’s it

Middle School Behavior Expectations

  • Be respectful
    • To teachers, staff and peers
  • Be engaged
    • Listening, participating, thinking, reflecting
  • Be productive
    • Complete work on time or check in with your teacher for the help or time needed
  • Be prepared
    • Have materials you need and use them appropriately


Rewards for Positive Behavior


  • Friday visit to Program Room based on teacher recommendation (good weekly work habits and effort)
  • First Class Phoenix nomination sticker from teacher or peer
  • Positive phone call or email home
  • Quarterly reward for achieving all 3’s and 4’s in work habits on report card





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