Middle School 6-8 Staff

Classroom Teachers

Shannon Parish

Sixth Grade Math & Science

Voicemail: 303-326-2725

Email: saparish@aurorak12.org

Click here for Mrs. Parish's website

Micki Amick

Sixth Grade Literacy

Voicemail: 303-326-4191

Email: mlamick@aurorak12.org

Brandon Dunkin

Sixth & Seventh Grade Science

Voicemail: 303-326-2551

Email: bldunkin@aurorak12.org

Website: http://QuestScienceGuy.weebly.com

Don Sargent

Sixth & Seventh Grade Social Studies

Voicemail: 303-326-2742

Email: dasargent@aurorak12.org

Sadie Wheeler

Seventh Grade Social Studies & Eighth Grade Literacy

Voicemail: 303-326-4404

Email: sdwheeler@aurorak12.org

All the information for Mrs. Wheeler's classes can be accessed on google classroom. There, you will find assignments, due dates, grades and other class updates. If you cannot access the classroom, please email Mrs. Wheeler for an email invitation and code. Please email Mrs. Wheeler with any questions.

1st academic 8th grade literacy

2nd academic 8th grade literacy

3rd academic 8th grade literacy

4th academic 7th grade social studies

Jodi Ingram

Seventh Grade Math

Voicemail: 303-326-4636

Email: jlingram@aurorak12.org

Dusty Burton

Seventh & Eighth Grade Social Studies

Voicemail: 303-326-3013

Email: ddburton@aurorak12.org

Michael Mural

Seventh & Eighth Grade Science

Voicemail: 303-326-4383

Email: mjmural@aurorak12.org

Mr. Mural's Website

Anna Phan

Seventh & Eighth Grade Science Student Teacher

Erin Hayson

Seventh & Eighth Grade Math

Voicemail: 303-326-3191

Email: eehayson@aurorak12.org

Mrs. Hayson's Page

Laura Horton-DePass

Seventh Grade Literacy

Voicemail: 303-326-4291

Email: lahortondepass@aurorak12.org