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The Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS):  is Colorado’s standards-based assessment designed to measure the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) in the content areas of mathematics, English language arts, Science and Social Studies. It is the state summative assessment designed to gauge how well students are mastering the standards and are prepared for their next grade. The CMAS assessments was developed by a collaboration between The Colorado Department of Education, testing contractor Pearson, and Colorado educators.

A very small number of students with significant cognitive disabilities may take the Colorado Alternate Assessment (CoAlt) based on the Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEOs) of the CAS. The state of Colorado provides alternate assessments in the same content areas of language arts, math, science and social studies in lieu of taking the CMAS and SAT/PSAT.

CDE’s website provides additional information including the frameworks for the CMAS assessments here:

Parent resources from CDE is here:

CMAS 2024 Testing Schedule for Aurora Quest K-8 

Elementary School, Grades:

3rd Grade       Literacy  TBD

        Math       TBD

4th Grade Literacy  AM Class  TBD

        Math AM Class  TBD

        Literacy PM Class  TBD

        Math PM Class     TBD

5th Grade Literacy AM TBD

          Math PM TBD 

          Science TBD

Middle School

Grades 6, 7, 8   Literacy AM  TBD

                           Math PM  TBD

                           Science TBD

Parents/Guardians:  As required by state law, we are informing you that you have two options in the Aurora Public School District to opt your children out of state testing, if you wish to do so.  Here are those options, with corresponding deadlines:

Who takes CMAS?

All 3rd - 8th grade students. 

Mathematics - all students in grades 3rd-8th

English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) - all students in grades 3rd-8th. 

How will students be tested?

CMAS is primarily an online test with an option for a paper/pencil test for students with accommodations. There are 3-50 minute sections that will be taken. Students will have a 15 minute break in between each section. 

Students will need to use a school-issued Chromebook to take the exam. If they do not have one, they will be able to borrow one on the day of testing. 

How can students prepare?

CMAS measures skills and knowledge that students have been learning throughout the school year. Through classroom instruction, teachers often provide students with multiple experiences taking this type of assessment. For practice items and tutorials within the testing platform, visit the CMAS Practice Resources.