Volunteer at Quest

Thank you for volunteering your time at Quest!

Quest strives for each family to participate in 20 hours of volunteer time in order to support our school and students. We know that we can’t accomplish all the great things that Quest has to offer without your help. The following pages contain all the information you need to get plugged in.

If you are interested in obtaining a volunteer badge, directions for can be found below.

Volunteer Opportunities at Quest

Current Volunteer Opportunities at Quest

Volunteer Hours Log

You’ve completed your volunteer work! Quest can not thank you enough for your valuable gift of time and resources. Now don’t forget to get credit for your hours by clicking on the link below and entering your information in the online form.

Volunteer ID Badge

If you plan on volunteering on a regular basis, you need to request a volunteer ID badge. You will still need to check in and out of the office, but you will have your own designated badge that you keep with you.

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